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Solutions and Opportunities


SpiderWatch is mobile, quick to deploy, autonomous wireless alarm system for border security and critical infrastructure protection. SpiderWatch combined sensors are put into the ground and monitor both seismic and vibration channels. One complex consists of 35 sensors and can cover up to 3.5 km of border line.

Key Features
+    Vibration and seismic channels monitoring
+    Detection, tracking and classification of threats
+    Detection range for human intruder– up to 100 m
+    Detection range for vehicle intruder – up to 300m
+    Radio communication range – 1.5 km (50 km)
+    Battery lifetime – 1 year*
+    Detection accuracy – 98%
+    Classification accuracy – 90%
+    Robust design according to IP 68
+    Wireless long range communication
+    Automatic alerts creation
+    Integration with any C&C system
*    for 5 alerts per day scenario


Multifunctional mobile robot is able to perform surface and underground operations, including surface surveillance and reconnaissance (illegal tunnels detection) and underground tunnels and caves inspection.

Key Features
+    4-6 hours of continuous operation
+    Max speed 10 kmph
+    Wheeled and tracked chassis
+    Front and rear navigation cameras
+    LIDAR for navigation and automatic maps creation
+    RF and fiber-optic control channels
+    GPS module
+    Automatic and manual control
+    Dimensions -  700 x 450 x 600 mm
+    Wheel base - 450mm
+    Ground clearance - 85 mm
+    Weight 30 kg
+    Payload – 5 kg


Mobile Ground Control Station can act as Command & Control center. It is based on a vehicular platform and has all the necessary infrastructure to interact with sensors and security means,  process incoming data, control drones and equipment, conduct continuous situational awareness and monitoring via SpiderSoft workplaces.
Mobile Ground Control Stations are linked by one data network and can communicate with headquarters and with each other according to subordination scheme. The network is secure and can have main terrestrial radio channel and backup satellite and optical channels. 

Key Features

+    On-board IT infrastructure
+    Radio, Cellular, Satellite interfaces
+    SpiderSoft operators workplaces
+    Interactive control panel
+    High Autonomy
+    Solar panels
+    Diesel/gasoline generator
+    Robust design


Aerostat surveillance complex is equipped with advanced optical-electronic surveillance module in order to detect and track any type of intruders at large distances. 
The complex can be mobile - based on SUV, military truck or tracked chassis, or stationary - based on 20/40 ft. container. 

Key Features
+    Video surveillance and target tracking at distances up to 10 km
+    License plate recognition distance – 1km
+    Human identification - 5/1 km (day/night)
+    Communication Interfaces: radio, fiber optic, copper Ethernet
+    24/7 day and night operation
+    Deployment time – 40 min
+    Visual Detection, tracking and recognition
+    Gyrostabilized optical-electronic module
+    Universal platform for different types of equipment




The heart of the SpiderSystem is a specialized software and corresponding IT infrastructure. SpiderSoft has multiservice architecture and provides secure storage, monitoring, analytics, prediction and visualization tools for system operators and security staff. All information from security sensors comes to SpiderSoft via secure data links, then it is processed and stored.

Key Features
+    Command and Control operational management
+    Dynamic situational awareness
+    Friendly Force Control
+    AI-based analytics and prediction
+    Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
+    Video surveillance system
+    AI-based object detection and recognition
+    2D and 3D detailed world maps
+    High-precision custom made 3D map
+    UAV-based mapping
+    Underground/indoor discovery and 3D-mapping
+    SpiderWatch Seismic System control and operational management
+    UAVs and inspection Rovers control
+    Mission planner for UAVs and inspection Rovers
+    Sensors Data Fusion
+    Continuous system monitoring

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