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About us

Our Story

The history of the company dates back to 2004. Falcon NT LLC was founded by a group of enthusiastic professionals in engineering and electronic development. From the first steps, our main mission was the development of unique systems, during this time we have collected a significant number of developments in this area, which allow us to compete with leading international companies. To date, we have dozens of completed projects both in Belarus and abroad, including: design and production of UAVs, supplies of laser systems, non-destructive testing of oil and gas pipelines, development and introduction of a mobile alarm system for perimeter security. Now the Falcon NT company is a large team of engineers with experience in various fields, who are able to solve problems of any complexity and create turnkey solutions that have no analogues in the world. The quality management system of Falcon NT complies with international standards and is certified according to ISO 9001 requirements.

High autonomy, the ability to control 24/7, the operation of the complex in difficult climatic conditions and places without human intervention.

Scalability of the system to ensure the protection of an object of any size and length.

Flexible approach when completing the system for solving a specific task.

A wide range of sensors (optoelectronic (television, thermal imaging), acoustic, seismic, magnetometric) to ensure the protection of all types of objects.

The use of advanced and innovative developments in various areas of the electronic industry.

The ability to upgrade the system according to any customer requirements.


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